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Palisade Fencing

How to install Palisade Fencing

For DIY enthusiasts in Boksburg, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install your steel palisade fencing and gates. Palisade fencing consists of posts, rails and steel slats also known as pales. Steel palisade fencing is topped by spikes, giving properties a Victorian charm while acting as an impenetrable fortress.

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Boksburg Palisade Fencing

Install Palisade Fencing

Few tools are required for the installation process.

Setting the Posts
1. Determine the location of each post by marking off with a tape measure. Measurements are based on the length of horizontal rails used between the posts.

2. Once clearly demarcated, dig your fence post holes. The size of the holes will be provided by the manufacturer.

3. Ensure that your concrete mix is the ratio stipulated by the manufacturer.

4. Layer gravel between two and four inches thick in each hole. Pound the grave into a flat layer.

5. Position the fence posts in the holes and pour the concrete around each post to reach ground level.

6. Make sure to stake the posts with rope or wire to stop them from listing as the concrete dries.
Boksburg Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing Installation

1. Place two of the horizontal railings between each of the sets of posts.

2. Attach the horizontal rails to the posts with the use of a drill and the bolts. With the use of a tape measure, determine the placement of the bolts by following the instruction manual.

3. Again with a tape measure, determine the distance between the posts and the fence railings stipulated by the manufacturer.

4. Place the first pale in a vertical position against the two
horizontal rails. The bolt holes in the pale line must line up with the rails.

5. With a drill, drive the bolts through the pale into both the lower and the upper horizontal rail.

6. Measure the distance between the first pale and second pale and continue the installation process.

7. Finally, position a support-footer underneath the middle pale of each section of the steel palisade fencing. The support-footer is a piece of steel that is driven into the ground and then attached to the fence. This gives support to the structure.

Palisade Fencing for Sale

If you live in Boksburg and are a security-conscious DIY enthusiast, you may be considering buying palisade fencing and installing it yourself. If so, there are several options from which you can select.

• Investigate private palisade fencing sales on website platforms such as Gumtree and OLX.

• Buy second-hand palisade fencing from a private online seller.

• Visit your local hardware outlet for your palisade fencing. requirements.

• Buy directly from palisade fencing manufacturers.
Secure Palisade Fencing and Gates in Boksburg for improved property value

Palisade Fencing manufacturer

We highly recommend that you buy directly from a palisade fencing manufacturer. This statement is based on several factors.

1. Everything that you will need is available under one roof.
2. They can manufacture any size palisade panel or sliding gate required.
3. Some offer a free delivery service based on a minimum sales amount.
4. Pay even less with monthly specials offered by some manufacturers.
5. Finally, if they don’t have what you want in stock they will manufacture or source it elsewhere for you.

How much is palisade fencing?

There is no set price for steel palisade fencing. Quotes are given based on the current price of steel which can fluctuate daily. The cost of erecting a palisade fence is also determined by the square meterage required to secure the property.
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Secure Palisade Fencing and Gates in Boksburg for improved property security

Steel Palisade Fencing

Boksburg property owners have steel palisade fencing manufacturers on their doorstep, making the purchase and installation of a security fence and gates quick and efficient. We are a specialist East Rand steel palisade fencing manufacturer and pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and high standard of quality workmanship.

Cost effective Fencing

So, for a cost-effective solution to your security needs, give us a call today. We have steel palisade fencing solutions for all Boksburg property owners, be it commercial, industrial or residential.
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