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We are a Fencing Contractor and have been installing Palisade fences for many years.

Steel palisade fencing and gates are becoming increasingly popular on the East Rand, and Boksburg homeowners are fast following the trend. Not only does palisade fencing and gates improve security, but their good looks also add a touch of class to any property.

Apart from quick installation and competitive pricing, it keeps Boksburg residents safe on the inside while protecting them from outside intrusion. Palisade fencing is also pet-friendly. It allows pets to keep track of activities outside the fence and so prevent boredom. Strong and impenetrable, a further attraction is that steel palisade fencing and gates can be painted to enhance the colour scheme of any home or building.

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Attractions of Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing and gates offer Boksburg inhabitants visual contact beyond the perimeter of the property.

Palisade panels act as a physical deterrent to would-be intruders, as opposed to panelled wooden gates.

Palisade fencing offers suburban good looks, much more so than many other fencing options.

Palisade fencing and gates offer unparalleled strength and endurance.

Lastly, but not least, palisade fencing and gates are galvanised, ensuring longevity and rust resistance.

So, if you live or work in Boksburg and want to improve the security and aesthetics of your property, contact us for efficient and professional palisade fencing services. Our prices are hard to beat!
Palisade Fence for any industrial or residential property

What is Palisade Fencing?

Palisade fencing dates back thousands of years. The Latin derivative of palisade means a stake. That is why palisade fencing is sometimes referred to as a stake-wall or, in other words, a form of a defensive stockade. These defensive palisade “walls” were generally manufactured from wood. The individual palisades, or stakes, were then “ganged”, side by side, to form a defensive enclosure made of wooden pales.

In bygone years, palisades were made from tree trunks whose tops were sharpened to form unwelcoming spikes. These structures reinforced the safety of those living behind its walls such as inhabitants of small fortresses which were subjected to invasions by enemy lines. For example, palisades date back to Greek and Roman times when they were used to safeguard military camps.

Prevent Crime with a Palisade Fence

In later years, palisades found popularity in the American mid-west where they were used to protect inhabitants from hostile Indian tribes and wild animals.

In modern-day, and particularly in South Africa, palisade fencing is used to prevent crime. And Boksburg is no exception. Nowadays, owners of residential, commercial and industrial properties are opting for steel palisade fencing and gates to secure their premises.

The reason palisade fencing and gates are so popular is that the stakes are evenly spaced and held together by supporting poles. This gives inhabitants line-of-site outside the perimeters of the property. Unlike solid walls, this does not offer assailants shelter from prying eyes either from within or outside of the property.
Palisade Fence for any commercial or residential property
Palisade Fence for extra security

Steel palisade fencing and gates

An increasing number of East Rand property owners are securing their homes and business premises with steel palisade fencing and gates. And Boksburg is no exception.

Palisade fencing and gates are not only attractive to the eye but are also aesthetically pleasing. We offer various shapes and sizes to suit customer needs. Our palisade fencing and gates are also painted to customer specifications.

What is the attraction?

The attraction of this trend in security is that palisade fences and gates offer Boksburg property owners an unobstructed view of what’s going on beyond their walls. No more scaling behind solid high-walled structures by thieves. This security factor is extremely important in areas such as Boksburg where, like other towns and cities in South Africa, crime is on the increase.
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Other benefits

Apart from excellent boundary security, palisade fences and gates are:
• Difficult to scale because of imposing spikes
• Strong and durable
• Rust-resistant longevity
Reduced maintenance
Secure Palisade Fencing and Gates in Boksburg for improved property security

Boksburg Palisade Fencing Prices

When it comes to cost, steel palisade fencing and gates are more cost-effective than solid walling. Generally, costing is dependent on square meterage.

How much does it cost?
It is also dependent on the going-rate for steel which can fluctuate every month. So, to get an up-to-the-minute price, contact us today. We guarantee professional service at a competitive price

Is Concrete Palisade Fencing Better?

Asking whether or not concrete is better than steel palisade fencing is like comparing apples with pears.

Is concrete cheaper than steel palisade fencing? – YES, maybe.

Is concrete palisade fencing as aesthetically pleasing as its steel counterpart? – NOT REALLY.

Is concrete palisade fencing quicker to install than steel? – PROBABLY.

Is concrete palisade fencing low maintenance compared to steel? – ONE AND THE SAME. While concrete does not rust, neither does galvanised palisade steel fencing and gates. We work exclusively with galvanised steel. Bear in mind that both concrete and steel palisades must be painted. This will require maintenance at a future date.

Are concrete palisades as durable as steel? – YES but, in the end, steel is more likely to have a longer lifespan than concrete palisade fencing.
Secure Palisade Fencing and Gates in Boksburg
Palisade Fence for any property that needs a secure gate entrance

Security and Privacy

We know that security and privacy are important to residents of Boksburg. For that reason, many residents choose to surround their properties with high walls. But remember that this can instil a false sense of security. High walls shelter criminals from prying eyes. So, as a double safety feature, many property owners who have opted for concrete palisade panels discover that they have to install steel palisades on top of these 2.4m high concrete slabs. This adds a hefty additional fee onto the final cost of the project.

Fence peace of mind

So why not secure the property from the outset with steel palisade fencing and gates?

Remember, too, that concrete palisades are generally available in different concrete strengths - the weaker the strength of the concrete, the cheaper the cost but at the expense of durability.

Our galvanised steel palisade gates and fencing offer residents of Boksburg peace of mind year in and year out.
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